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Solar Panels


Zuvan in Swahili means "warmed by the sun". And having your home powered by the most powerful

and dependable energy sources only takes three easy steps.

- Reach out to Zuvan Renewables​

- We will design a custom Solar System using your home's unique features

- We will then install your very own Solar System 

Start enjoying energy and cost savings in your new home.

How does your PV system power your home?


There are four main components to your PV system:

solar panels, inverter, electric service panel and your local utility.  

Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells that transform sunlight into a DC electric current.

They are always transforming sunlight into energy.    


Inverter is located in a safe location at your home.

It takes the DC electricity produced by your PV panels and turns it into AC electricity.


Electric service panel takes the AC electricity generated from the inverter and uses it in your home to

power all your appliances and devices.


Local Utility will track your energy use. When your PV system is producing more energy than you’re using, they will issue you a credit on your monthly bill for use to reduce your monthly electric bill payment. 

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